Hey punk! Be one of the cool kids with some FMR swag! At our shows, we sell prop-bags, and also stickers, buttons, t-shirts and various other trinkets and memorabilia of your experience.

What are “Prop Bags”?

Is this your first time at a Rocky Horror? If so, you are probably looking in this bag and wondering what the hell this shit is for, and why the fuck your friend made you spend money for it. Fear not, this is the prop bag instruction list for all you Rocky Horror VIRGINS. Our nightly Emcee will give you a little “guided introduction” to our show shortly.

As your Emcee will explain to you, a major part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is audience participation. This means we don’t want you to be quiet! We want you shouting, screaming, and insulting the movie, cast, and fellow moviegoers as much as possible. Be creative, or just play along!

The items in this propbag are intended to enhance your participation. The most common props, their uses, and when to use them are listed below.

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Home-made prop bags

Prop Bags

The content of the prop-bags sold at the venue, have been pre-approved by management and cleaning staff.