Is it your first time? Don’t be nervous. Check here for all the dirty details: Etiquette, FAQ, and how to make your first time truly climactic.

Info and FAQ

Wait, what’s going on here?

Allow us to refer you to “attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show”, which answers such questions as ‘What should I do before/during/after the movie?’, ‘What should I bring, or avoid bringing?’, ‘What is this Audience Participation thing?’, ‘Can I bring my kids?’, ‘What should I wear?’ and others

What is a Shadow-Cast?

First started by fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a ‘shadow cast’ is when a group of actors get together in costume to do a performance or pantomime of a movie, while said movie is playing in the background, either behind or above them.


Information is forthcoming on Theatre Ettitquette. We had to put the site up earlier than expected. We will update this as soon as possible.

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What to Expect

From the FAQ on attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Expect the unexpected. Okay, that was a predictable answer. Sorry.

Expect possibly to get your clothes wet. Expect possibly to get hit on. Expect possibly to see nudity (or something close to it). Expect possibly to be somewhat offended. Don’t be upset if not all of this happens, though - I make no guarantees.

For the most part, expect that you’ll have a good time. Sure, there’s raunchiness, lame jokes, and bad singing and dancing, but that’s part of the fun. And while you might not like the person breathing heavily on you, for the most part, Rocky-goers respect each other, and won’t overstep any limits you set, particularly as our culture has gotten more and more sue-happy. You might have issues if those limits are ridiculously prudish, in which case you should re-evaluate whether you should be at RHPS in the first place.

Oh, you wanted specifics? The regulars/cast will probably have some sort of welcome/introduction to the film. If there is a cast, there will be people running around in front of the movie, hopefully in costume. Presumably doing stuff sort of similar to what’s going on on-screen with some sight gags thrown in. People will be shouting and throwing clever/stupid/rude things. If you can’t hear the dialogue over the audience, that’s normal. Complaining about it is considered a sign of cluelessness and/or old age. Go ahead, get up and Time Warp. You know you want to.

If you’re going back to see the show after staying away for several years, don’t expect things to be like they were “back in the old days.” Rocky Horror is an evolving phenomenon. That’s why it’s still going after all these years.

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